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Porcini Mushrooms

Our top quality flash frozen porcini mushrooms come in only one quality; extra grade. Our porcini are all worked by hand. These mushrooms never touch water; they are all hand brushed clean to preserve flavor and texture. They are all trimmed by hand, sorted for freezing or for drying plus whatever mushrooms come in from the field they are processed within 24 hours. If you want the flavor of fresh porcini, you will get this in very bag of our flash frozen porcini mushrooms.

We have large, medium, small and cubed and best of all our packing is perfect for volume distributors: 5 – 1kg bags in a very sturdy 3 ply cardboard box. You can ship your clients 1 bag or 1 case and the cost is never high.

We always have frozen porcini in stock; we have constant 40 ft containers arriving all the time. Our product never sits in the freezer to long because we sell lots of dried and frozen porcini all year long.

Dried Porcini

Quality dried porcini is not the easiest mushroom to produce. You need good quality fresh product that comes from forests that are not too wet and they need to be cleaned by hand. We have many years experience at this and all grades of our dried porcini are all most free of all soil, cut from fresh mushrooms that have little or no pin holes. All of our sliced porcini are of the same general thickness and re hydrate quickly. All of our chefs always say how easy it is to work with our dried porcini.

We have several grades from the top “Extra Grade” which are clean full slices with lots of flavor, to our standard grade which most chef use because of price and high quality to our processed crumbs and powder which meet all US food manufacturing standards for cleanliness and purity.

And most of all we always have consistent supply all year long. We can always reserve yearly quantities for any of our mushrooms for you.