Mushroom House

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When someone says I want Italian Porcini; Italian companies provide the customer with the mushrooms, but the facts are clear; there hasn’t been a real commercial crop of porcini in Italy since the late seventies in Calabria’s southern mountain range. Italian companies travel the world to find a clean natural environment. In Italy with it’s 65+ million people in a tiny country with heavy agri businesses, vineyards and heavy industries there is really no place for wild mushrooms to grow in any large commercial volumes. Plus in an industrialized county like Italy and the real of Europe you have acid rain falling everywhere and wild mushrooms don’t grow in that habitat. The same story is true for France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

The more pollution you put into the environment; less and less wild mushrooms come out.

Where we get our mushrooms there are no heavy industries, few people, fewer vehicles on the road (when you can find one). The places we get our wild mushrooms are so isolated there’s not even a chance to export them fresh. We can only do dried, flash frozen and canned. The old growth forests just keep going on and on and on for thousands of miles and crossing many boarders and countries.

Our Process

We work very closely with local suppliers and get the fresh wild mushrooms in small batches daily. Whether we are collection porcini, morels or chanterelles our detail to work is evident in our results.

The photos you see on our site are not the cream of the crop. These are the real mushrooms we ship out everyday. Our workmanship is all done by hand. You can only get this type of finished product when a person touches them, inspects them, trims everyone and packs them.

Our dried wild mushrooms are all done in our facility, also all of our flash frozen wild mushrooms are done in our new flash freezing tunnel with the highest technical aspect available today.

We service every type of account from large distributors to retailers and restaurants. We also work closely with several large food manufactures looking for ultra clean mushrooms that would work with their soups, entrees and catering operations.

Also if the orders are large we can also do private label on any items we do.

Contact us for samples and price lists. You will be very please with our quality, price and service.