Mushroom House

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Cultivated Mushrooms

When it comes to cultivated mushrooms we have the capability to produce whatever needs you have; we are the growers and packers so we can always meet your demands and price points.

Whether you need dried Nameko Pholiota nameko, Oyster King Pleurotus eryngii, Maitake Grifola frondosa, Shiitake Powder, or mixed mushrooms we have it all.

Our flash frozen line of exotic mixed mushrooms is one of our biggest sellers. Cruise lines, hotel chains, food manufactures and food service distributors all do very well with this line, since the quality is very high, flavor is excellent and the prices are very low. This item is available in 5 x 1kg bags.

Once again our crews go out and gather the truffles, pack them in refrigerated trucks and are driven back to one of our several processing facilities in the area. For our flash frozen product we chose only Tuber sinensis which has a charcoal color outside and a blackish white veined interior; the perfect truffle to flash freeze.