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Company Story

New Tiger International Inc., a whole line mushroom importer and distributor based in Long Island, New York, is introducing a new season mushroom promotion program for this year’s selling season. Any new accounts placing the first order will have 10% discount for any mushrooms carried by New Tiger International Inc.

New Tiger International Inc. started its mushroom importing business 18 years ago. It was the first US Company bringing Asian shiitake mushroom into the US from China, Japan and Korea. Now, New Tiger International has expanded its products line greatly. It carries dried, frozen, fresh and canned mushrooms, which includes porcini (dried and frozen), truffles (fresh, dried, frozen and canned), chanterelle (dried and frozen), morels (dried and frozen), and dried trumpets, lobsters, oysters, shimaji, maitake, matsutake, namako, wood ear, shiitake and many more. New Tiger International is now importing mushrooms from Asia and East Europe.

Quality and price of the products are the top concern of New Tiger International Inc. New Tiger International Inc. owns many wild mushroom picking-up teams in Asian countries. Some of the processing plants are just close to the wild mushroom growing fields. For instance, fresh porcini will be transported to the plants for quick frozen within 3 hours immediately after they are picked up. So, the first grade of frozen porcini shipped by New Tiger International Inc. is absolutely free from any worms. Due to the owning of picking-up teams and processing plants New Tiger International Inc. could beat any US competitors on quality and price.

To meet the increasing demands from the customers New Tiger International has both retail packages and foodservice packages. It also welcomes private labels. Quality, efficiency and convenience to the customers are the goal of New Tiger International Inc. in its business practice. During this selling season, New Tiger International Inc. will guarantee a 60-90 days shipment for the private labels order so long as the customers will meet the minimum quantity.

New Tiger International Inc.

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